1.      Self-presentation should include elements concerning:

a.      Short introduction – name, place of birth/living, previous education etc.

b.      Professional interests

c.       Topic (or range) of planned B.Sc. thesis

d.      Information on past or present employment (especially in surveying or GIS companies) may be mentioned

e.      Short information on professional plans for the future

f.        Some elements concerning private live (family, hobbies, pets, etc.) may be added

2.      It is not required for all elements of this story to be true, but it should not be far from reality.

3.      Elements that are the same for all of you, such as name or university, faculty, etc.  should be used rarely or omitted.


Guidelines for presenters:

1.      Students of regular studies (s. dzienne) - presentations are prepared by each student. Presentation should include approximately 15-20 slides.

2.      Students of irregular studies (s. zaoczne) – presentations are prepared in pairs, but each person is presenting. Presentation should consist of 20-25 slides.

3.      It is recommended to prepare presentation applying Power Point. Other software (Open Office, Libre Office, Presi and so like) may cause some difficulties in either presenting or copying presentations between students.

4.      Please use several sources, unless instructed otherwise.

5.      To prepare own presentation students should rather use papers or presentations from countries where English is the mother tongue. If it is not possible, it is adviced to use source materials from countries where English is generally well spoken.

6.      It is recommended to write greater parts of presentation in own words. Please avoid copying of big fragments.

7.      The list of fundamental words should be added and explained.

8.      The list of references must be given at the end of the presentation.

9.      Please add numbers to your slides (not necessary on the title slide).

10.  Presentation should be written in either British (recommended) or American English, but not the mixture or both.

11.  Presentation from Poland and presentation where I am author or co-author are  accepted only after my prior consent.

12.  You can use one of AGH University Power Point templates, but it is not obligatory

13.  Presentation, including all attachments (like video or links to it) should be sent to my e-mail not later than Monday noon preceding the presentation day.